Calculus AB: 1st Time (MATH.1263)

About the Workshop

This course will consider topics typically included in the first year of a college-level calculus course.  It will cover elementary functions, limits, and differential and integral calculus.  Time will be set aside for discussion related to how to best set up a high school AP® Calculus course.  Methods, teaching materials and facility with the graphing calculator will be emphasized.  Students will be actively engaged in problem solving, lesson design and discussion of the AP® program.
We will also focus on the changes to the AP® Calculus syllabus that will be implemented in the 2016-2017 school year and tested in May 2017.

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About the Instructor

Rose GundackerRose Gundacker taught AP® Calculus, both AB and BC, for over 20 years at Rosemount High school. She retired in 2008 and has been teaching part-time at local colleges, most recently at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. She has been an AP® reader since 1998 and has served as a reader, table leader, question team member, and question leader. She has been a consultant with the College Board* since 2000, teaching summer workshops at Carleton, Augsburg, Loyola University, and the University of Iowa. She also teaches one-day workshops in the Midwest region for the College Board*.