Chemistry: First-Time - CHEM. 1240

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginning AP® Chemistry teachers and is limited to participants who have taught AP® Chemistry for three or fewer years or will be teaching it for the first time in the upcoming year.  The workshop will focus on the “nuts and bolts” of creating and/or strengthening an AP® chemistry course.  With the redesigned curriculum in mind, we will discuss pacing, topic selection and sequence, the writing and submission of a syllabus, the nature of and the preparation for the AP® test, course mechanics and textbook selection. In addition, the new curriculum stresses the “guided inquiry” (GI) approach to laboratory work.  You will perform 8-10 GI labs from various sources during the week.  You will complete a write-up for each and be exposed to questions that are driven by the data or involve error analysis—both of which are common forms of questions on the current AP® test. This workshop will assume a basic knowledge of AP® Chemistry topics, but will cover topics that need further review as identified by a participant survey prior to the workshop. Last year, those topics were electrochemistry, spectroscopy, kinetics and acid-base chemistry. There is homework assigned each night of the Institute, but no project is required after the course ends on Thursday, June 29th.  Our goal is to provide you with a suitcase full of AP® chemistry that you can quickly unpack in the coming year.

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About the Instructor