Human Geography - SOAN.1253

About the Workshop

This session of the AP® Summer Institute in AP® Human Geography is structured for new and experienced teachers to APHG or those seeking a review of the course and teaching strategies.   The session will include an overview of the content and teacher resources.  Attention to effective teaching strategies supporting the lecture content and building success on the AP® exam will be included. A special focus on the roles of globalization and development as they apply throughout the curriculum is on the agenda.  New materials and resources will be provided to the course participants.   Participants are requested to bring a laptop if possible, access to your Human Geography textbook and any favorite samples of the role of globalization as it applies to the APHG curriculum, including readings, maps, news articles or other related materials. 

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants with:

  • Identifying the skills and concepts necessary for successfully teaching an AP® Human Geography course
  • Focusing on specific curriculum topics through the use of critical reading, document analysis, essay writing and assessments
  • Instructing students to think geographically, spatially and conceptually across the APHG curriculum.
  • Understanding and applying the broad themes that link the course together.

Participants should bring the following:

  • Human Geography textbook that you use
  • Samples of globalization materials appropriate for the AP level
  • 2 gig jump drive for materials for you or set up a drop box account at
  • Questions and ideas that work for you and your students

Agenda Topics for the session:

  • AP® Human Geography program and course expectations
  • Overarching concepts and focus areas
  • Exam strategies
  • FRQ development
  • Topics on population, migration, gender and culture
  • Topics on development, sustainability, human-environment relationship within APHG
  • Topics on globalization and development geography
  • Case Studies
  • Resources and support

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