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Studio Art (ARTS.1240)

About the Workshop

The objective of this course is intended to provide both new and experienced Advanced Placement* Studio Art teachers with an understanding of the requirements of the Drawing, 2-D Design, and 3-D Design portfolios. Participants will learn about the standard setting and grading rubric for each of the three portfolios. A detailed explanation of the AP® Studio Art reading will be provided. Sessions will include slide examples of AP® students work covering the concentration, breadth and quality sections of each of the three portfolios. Teachers will be given strategies for how to structure their AP® class. Ideas will be shared for ways to help students create quality breadth pieces and select a concentration that will not only engage them, but also visually develop their theme. Participants will also learn how to encourage students to keep up with the rigors and pace needed to complete high quality portfolios.
Time will be spent helping teachers, new to AP® Studio art, understand how to write their syllabus. Emphasis will be placed making sure teachers understand the importance of equity and access for all students. As leaders of 21st Century learning, participants will discuss how to guide students into the higher level thinking skills required to successfully complete a Studio Art portfolio.

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About the Instructor

Alison YoukilisAlison Youkilis is an adjunct professor at Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is also a consultant to the College Board* where she conducts workshops helping art teachers establish their Advanced Placement* Studio Art programs and Pre-AP® Studio Art programs. Currently, Alison serves as a Table Leader for the AP® Studio Art exams where she has held that position or been a reader for the past 13 years. For three years, she worked with the International Baccalaureate as an evaluator for visual art students. Her consulting work has taken her throughout the United States and internationally to China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai.

The first 30 years of her teaching career were spent teaching at Wyoming High School in Wyoming, Ohio. During her tenure as chairman of the art department K-12, Wyoming’s art department received two national awards. The first was a $10,000 grant from The Rockefeller Brothers Fund for Excellence in Art Education. The second was the prestigious Presidential Committee on the Arts Recognition Award. The Wyoming High School arts program was highlighted in the book Gaining the Arts Advantage –Lessons from School Districts that Value Arts Education which was published by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and Arts Education Partnership.

Alison helped develop an outstanding Advanced Placement* Studio Art program. Over the years, 100% of her AP® students received passing grades on their portfolios. Her AP® 2D Design Photography syllabus is published in the “Advanced Placement Studio Art Teacher’s Guide” and the Advanced Placement Program Professional Development for Studio Art. Pictures of her students’ work can be found in these publications as well.

It is with this foundation that Alison is able to share her wisdom and her understanding of teaching art with so many educators. Alison has become an expert in understanding the needs of art teachers in varying districts, and has the vision to help those teachers set goals for moving their art students to higher thinking levels and more creative problem solving.

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