World History: Advanced Topics (HIST.1252)

About the Workshop 

This course is intended to fulfill the needs of current, experienced teachers who are involved in the Advanced Placement® World History curriculum.  While a brief review of the course will occur, there is an expectation that teachers attending this course are ready for an examination beyond a description and introduction of the College Board® curriculum guide. An emphasis will be placed on the AP® World History course redesign beginning in 2016-2017.  Pedagogical issues such as support for students who need extra assistance in an AP® class, and instructional issues and scheduling will also transpire.  Teachers should be prepared to share course calendars, pedagogical insights and (on the last day) share a favorite, or ‘best practice,’ lesson with the group.  Please bring a computer that will enable you to write as well as search.  A portion of this course will be devoted to creating lessons and assessments that are more closely aligned with the recently updated curriculum.

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About the Instructor