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World History: Advanced Topics (hist 1277)

This is an opportunity for experienced teachers to create a professional community eager to share resources and methods focused on providing rich learning experiences for students. The AP® World History course is designed to develop greater understanding of the evolution of global processes, contacts, and interaction with different types of human societies.  Following a brief review of the course themes, course required content, and historical thinking skills; the main focus of this course will be the development of instructional strategies and assessment of student progress in meeting the requirements of the AP® World History exam. Teachers should be prepared to share their own pedagogical insights and “best” practices with the group. 

Course Goals

  • To further develop a fundamental understanding of the requirements inherent in the AP World History exam.
  • To examine the necessary writing strategies and skills that must be mastered in order to assure success in both the AP® class.
  • To share the necessary instructional strategies that will assist both the teacher and her/his students manage the scope, depth, and complexities of AP® World History.
  • To explore the vast range of textual, visual, and internet resources which, if employed efficiently, will enrich and reinforce students’ historical thinking skills.
  • To create interactive instructional strategies that focus on investigating historical topics and construction of historical knowledge.
  • To develop an instructional plan for the school year and review schedule that will encompass the curriculum framework of AP® World History.
  • To become informed about the new AP® World History Curriculum Framework and revisions for the exam in 2017.


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Thomas Forsgren

Thomas Forsgren has been teaching AP* European History since 1999 and World History since its inception in 2002.   Some of his best professional development experiences have been with the College Board* as a Reader for twelve years for both AP* World and European History exams.  He is currently teaching AP* World History, AP* European History, AP* Human Geography, and IB 20th Century Topics at Central Academy in the Des Moines Public Schools.



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