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World History: Advanced Topics (hist 1277)

This course is intended to fulfill the needs of current, experienced teachers who are involved in the Advanced Placement World History curriculum.  While a brief review of the course will occur, there is an expectation that teachers attending this course are ready for an examination beyond a description of the College Board curriculum guide. Pedagogical issues such as support for students who need extra assistance in an AP class, and instructional issues and scheduling will also transpire.  Teachers should be prepared to share course calendars, pedagogical insights and (on the last day) share a favorite, or ‘best practice,’ lesson with the group.

Course Goals

  • To alert students to necessary writing strategies and skills that must be mastered in order to assure success in both the AP class and beyond.
  • To share the necessary instructional strategies which will assist both the teacher and her/his students manage the scope, depth, and complexities of AP World History.
  • To explore the vast range of textual, visual, and internet resources which, if employed efficiently, will enrich many aspects of the subject.
  • To further develop a fundamental understanding of the requirements inherent in the AP World History Examination while providing insights into how the June AP Examination Readings are conducted.
  • To more closely examine the Themes of AP World History,  and Course Outline, and to apply those requirements in a classroom environment.


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Eric Hahn


Eric Hahn has been teaching AP World History almost from its inception in 2002.  Prior to that time he taught AP US History, and has been a consultant for the College Board since 1998.  Eric currently teaches World History in a suburban high school (Ladue Horton Watkins) in St. Louis, Missouri.

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